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DTS Enterprises Inc.


9910 U.S. 31 North
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Phone: 231-599-3123
Website: www.dtsenterprisesinc.com
Email: ddraper@dtsenterprisesinc.com

The Art of Design, Engineering and Fabrication.

DTS Marine: Marine Mechanical Solutions
Rod Tops: Hot Rod Convertible Tops & Accessories
DTS Creative Services: Engineering Design Services
Time Machines Unlimited: Automotive Restoration & Fabrication

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East Jordan

301 Spring St.
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Phone: 231-536-2261 or Toll Free 800-874-4100
Website: www.ejco.com
Email: americas.sales@ejco.com

EJ (f.k.a. East Jordan Iron Works) is your reliable source for the highest quality iron products. With more than 125 years of fine iron craftsmanship experience, we back our products with knowledgeable sales representatives, clear quotations, responsive answers to your questions and dependable delivery. We help keep your projects to spec, on time and on budget through unmatched dedication to our customers.

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NorthWest Fabrication & Sandblasting

Between East Jordan and Boyne Falls

04033 Jonathon Dr. (450 Griffin Rd.)
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Phone: 231-536-3229
Website: www.nwfab.com
Email: nwfab@att.net

Motorcycle Seat Pads - Steel Sawhorses - Aluminum Sawhorses

Powder Coating
East Jordan Sandblasting

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